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Registration for Master Gardener training to begin in 2023 is now open. Find out more here.

Gleaning Project

Farmers sometimes have more produce than they are able to get to market. They are willing to donate to those in need but the produce needs to be harvested and transported. Hanover Master Gardeners have recently started a new “Gleaning Project”. In cooperation with farmers in the area, Master Gardeners who have taken a food safety course go to the fields on coordinated dates, harvest the produce and transport it to food pantries. In the first nine days of the project working with three farms and five food pantries they collected and distributed 312 pints of blackberries and over 700 pounds of other produce. If you have extra produce to share contact the Hanover Extension Office at 804-752-4310.

Home Gardening Series Summer 2021 Schedule to be presented by Zoom.  Click here for schedule and link to preregister.  Previous presentations can be found here.

How to Get in Touch With Us

Hanover Master Gardeners serve as a resource for horticultural education for the community. During these times of “Social/Physical Distancing” we are not able to support our usual roving help desk at community events and other public places. However, we are still available by voice mail (804-752-4310), and email (hanover.master.gardener@gmail.com) to answer your questions.

Grant Money Available

In addition, we have grant money available for organizations that might be willing to set up community garden areas for the public.

Roddey Jones Memorial Grants Program – Grants of up to $500 are available on a competitive basis throughout the year for groups who live or do business in Hanover County.  Paper Form    On-Line Form 

Native Plant Book Available

Hanover Master Gardener Association proudly contributes to the productions and distribution of a booklet of Native Plants for Virginia’s Capital Region. You can obtain a copy in the following ways:

https://www.plantvirginianatives.org/plant-rva-natives – to download for free

https://www.plantvirginianatives.org/plant-rva-natives – to order a hard copy for $3.25 shipping

Hard copies are available at the Extension Office at 13015 Taylor Complex Lane, Ashland 23005. Although the door is locked there is a box outside of the door with copies available 24/7.

Hanover Master Gardener Ed Wall along with Nikki-Dee Ray served as judges for the best tomatoes entered into the State Fair. Links to TV coverage: https://youtu.be/C-GXeHGblXY  and https://youtu.be/iC8u90Vx2eo.

Hanover Master Gardener Association has just awarded grant money to The Arc of Hanover.

The Arc works with children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. This challenged group is particularly vulnerable to deficiencies in all nutritional categories. Often they don’t know about healthy foods such as vegetables and where they come from and what they taste like.

As part of the ALLY (A Life Like Yours) endeavor The Arc will build raised beds that will be wheelchair accessible outside of their offices. This will provide members with an opportunity to plant, grow and harvest vegetables. In addition there will be some nutritious cooking classes available.

Hanover Master Gardeners Association has awarded a grant of $500 towards materials and supplies to create the raised beds.

For more information about The Arc:  https://www.thearcofhanover.org/

Roddey Jones Memorial Grants Program – Grants of up to $500 are available on a competitive basis throughout the year for groups who live or work in Hanover County.     Paper Form    On-Line Form 

Think about us when you are doing your cyber shopping. Smile.amazon.com allows you to choose a non-profit to which Amazon will make a small donation each time you make a purchase. There is no additional charge to you. Hanover Master Gardeners Association is set up as one of the choices for charitable contributions. If you don’t already have a charity selected please consider us. You can bookmark the login once you have selected your choice for the donations. Thanks and happy shopping.

 Research Help Requested – One of our Master Gardeners is putting together a list of plants that are favored by our native bees. It just takes a little observation on your part. For details see Plants That Attract Native Bees. See more about mason bees and leaf cutter bees in our Want to Learn More section.

Did you know… Master Gardeners are available to speak on a variety of topics to civic and professional groups.  Contact us at 804-752-4310 or hanover.master.gardener@gmail.com

Help keep our area free from invasive pests.  Check here to see the latest pests alerts.

Learn more about who we are and what services we offer. About Us

Why Should You Use Native Plants – Native plants are important for several reasons. Read more to find out why you should consider them for your next plant purchases.

Information about the plants you purchased at out plant sale.  From Our Garden to Yours

Check out our exercises to prepare those muscles that have been unused since gardening last fall. Getting Ready for Gardening Season 

Teacher Resources from State Fair Activities.

For your gardening questions  you can contact us at 804-752-4310 or hanover.master.gardener@gmail.com.

Send your comments about the website to HMGAwebsite@gmail.com

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