Master Gardener Training

Master Gardener Training Class

Master Gardeners Volunteers are trained community leaders working with individuals to increase knowledge and understanding of environmentally sound horticulture. They seek to improve the quality of life in their communities through education. Master Gardeners are specially trained by Virginia Cooperative Extension which is a group of specialists and Extension Agents who extend the knowledge of Virginia’s Land Grant Universities: Virginia Tech and Virginia State. We are looking for you as an individual who loves gardening, enjoys teaching others, feels a strong commitment to community service, and feels strongly about preserving natural resources.

Master Gardeners are Public Educators

How to become an Extension Master Gardener

Our for 2021 is currently underway. To be on list for those interested in training for 2022 contact Angelette Pryor at – 804-752-4307.

  1. See a Zoom presentation about becoming a Master Gardener at – session #13
  2. Registration is required. www.offices.ext.vt/edu/hanover
  3. Provide references and undergo a Background check
  4. Pay your $180 one-time fees after acceptance or $275 for training without volunteer service (these fees may change for 2022)
  5. Attend classes for 60 hours
  6. Pass open-book exam
  7. As an Intern provide 50 hours of volunteer service in approved projects that focus on public education


  • All classes are virtual for 2021. Classes for 2022 will be decided later.
  • Each trainee is required to have ready access to a computer or tablet with internet access with video/microphone capabilities
  • If you are unable to attend a class it will be available for viewing at a later time


Speakers are experts in their fields.  Hands-on exercises are part of some classes. Topics covered include: basic botany, soils and nutrient management, plant propagation, pruning, basic entomology (insects), plant disease diagnosis, pesticide use, vegetables, lawns and lawn weeds, trees and shrubs, annuals-perennials-bulbs, water quality, animals and wildlife, native plants and habitat gardening, and pollination.

Intern / Master Gardener

Internship is typically 50 hours of volunteer service in approved projects within a year.* After Internship, you are certified as an Extension Master Gardener (EMG).  To maintain your EMG status you need to complete 20 hours of volunteer service* and 8 hours of Continuing Education annually.

*Due to COVID-19, requirements may be different.

For additional information contact 

Application for Training 

 Master Gardener Training Presentation 2021 Learn more about our program and see pictures of some of our activities.

Additional details are available on a recorded session 9/3/2020 How to become a Master Gardener.    Hanover H(U)GS YouTube Playlist   session # 13

If you are a person with a disability and desire any assistive devices, services or other accommodations to participate in this activity, please contact the Extension Office during business hours or note it on your application.