Dues Paid for 2024

If your name is not on this list you have not paid dues for 2024 as of 2/16. Please mail your check for $25 or $200 for lifetime to

Pat Reyes, 7468 Fullview Ave. , Mechanicsville, VA 23111

FirstName LastName Dues 2024
Taylor Adams inactive
Jennifer Alexander yes
Jennifer Baker yes
Pam Barbour yes
Scott Bateman yes
Christine Baum yes
Dave Beazley # Trainee
Joanne Berdall Lifetime
Becky Blake yes
Pattie Bland Lifetime
Susan Blankinship inactive
Christy Brennan Lifetime
Carol Brown inactive
Patricia Bruker Lifetime
Wayne Bryant Lifetime
Brenda Burke yes
Nancy Butler yes
Myra Conway # Trainee
Mary Corbett % Intern
Veronica Cosby yes
Susan Crouch inactive
Elaine Daniel inactive
Sammye Daou Lifetime
Kathy Davis yes
Patti Davis # Trainee
Nicole Dillon  # Trainee
Susan Doran inactive
Judy Durant yes
Robert Durbin yes
Joanne Einsmann yes
Belinda Flournoy yes
Sandra Fritton inactive
Eleanor Fukushima yes
Kristy Gahn inactive
Emily Gianfortoni Lifetime
Doris Gullotta yes
Ann Hamilton-Dixon # Trainee
Sharon Harrison # Trainee
Katrina Hart inactive
Jane Hays # Trainee
Linda Hazelwood yes
Walter Hempfling Emeritus
Dianne Hentzen inactive
Susan Higgins inactive
Pat Holt Lifetime
Betty Jane Hughes yes
Janet Jenkins Emeritus
Steven Karcher % inactive
Valerie Kish yes
Susie Knuth yes
Michael Little Lifetime
Nicky Maddams inactive
Roberta Martin inactive
Monte Mayfield # Trainee
Ronni McCord Lifetime
Susannah Merritt & inactive
Alexia Miles yes
Elaine Miller inactive
Martha Moore inactive
Robert Naglic inactive
Bosha Nelson yes
Patricia Newsome # Trainee
Ginny Nicholas yes
Noel Oakes Lifetime
Tyler Olsen # Trainee
Holly Owens yes
Sandra Pence Lifetime
Jon Philhower inactive
Andy Pillsbury # Trainee
Birdie Porter Lifetime
Angelette Pryor yes
Sherri Prunty Lifetime
Irene Ramey ** inactive
Pat Reyes Lifetime
Jane Ruffin Emeritus
Kate Sandy Lifetime
Zoila Sedlak # Trainee
Lillie Shelton # Trainee
Victoria Shipp yes
Karen Shockley # Trainee
September Sickinger yes
Melanie Smith yes
Lauren Stevens  # Trainee
David Sumner yes
Catherine Thomas inactive
Janice Thomas yes
Cathy Tignor # Trainee
Henrisa Tosoc-Haskell ** inactive
Marcie Townsend inactive
Jennifer Trainham inactive
Marianne Vermeer % Intern
Mary Wagner yes
Ed Wall inactive
Tyler Wallace ** inactive
Beckey Watson yes
Bonnie Weber-Lehman yes
Anne Margaret White Lifetime
Jane White Lifetime
Rosemary Wilkinson yes
Kathryn Williams # Trainee
Lisa Willis yes
Paula Willoughby yes
Bill Wittig yes
Juanita Wrenn Lifetime